Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is located at a strategic and attractive geographic area between the highest mountain of the Dinara massive, Orjen (1,895 m) and the entrance of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska).

It represents an administrative, economic and cultural center of the municipality, covering an area of 235 km2 with over 39,000 inhabitants. The city alone has about 16,000 inhabitants.
Geographic coordinates of the city: 42"27' North Latitude and 18"33' East Latitude

Relievo characteristics:

mountain Orjen 1.895 mhills: Dobroštica 1.570 m and Radoštak 1.441 mthe Luštica Peninsula: highest knoll Obosnik 586 m.

The 2.900 m wide entrance to the Bay of Kotor is situated between the Oštro and Mirište capes.
The maximum depth of the sea in the Bay is 61 m, and the average one is 27.8 m.
Since 1997, the Bay of Kotor has been a part of the Association of most beautiful bays in the world.


The area of the Bay of Kotor is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with dry and warm summers and mild winters. Herceg Novi has a specific microclimate, which is a result of southern exposition, proximity to the sea, limestone substratum and mountainous hinterland which prevents the breakthrough of cold air masses.

Herceg Novi has approximately 200 sunny days per anum. In July and August there are approximately 10.7 sunny hours per day.
Average annual temperature is 16.2 C (similar to Mediterranean cities of Naples and Lisbon). There are frequent slight temperature oscillations, thus, the average daily temperature fluctuation is only 4 C. Average temperature from May to September is about 25 C, which provides a swimming season over 5 months long since the average summer sea temperature is rather high, between 22 - 26 C.

The annual average precipitation is 1,930 mm/m2, and relative air humidity is at its highest in the fall reaching 80%, and its lowest point is in the summer, i.e. 63%.

Characteristic winds, which blow in this region, are:
- MAESTRAL (west - in summer),
- BURA (north - in winter),
- ŠILOK (south - throughout the year),
- JUGO (south - mainly in winter).


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