Unique canyon valley known in the world as the deepest and steepest river valley in Europe and capricious mountain river attract a lot of touri- sts from all over the world. The Tara is the wildest, most beautiful and clearest river of the old continent. Because of its clearness it is called the "tear of Europe ". It will offer you unforgettable moments.

Only through rafting the true anato- my of the canyon may be discove- red, and all of its handwriting. It is the only way to see what there is to be seen, the charm and the beauty of its abundance. Rafting may give to all this it's special dimension, the very personal contact to the pure- ness of nature. Every new kilometer, even so a meter, all along the way, gives another hue, another sight-seeing, and another challenge. It is the most beautiful and the most attractive way to see and feel all this beauty and to enjoy in the well-being, the nature's own way, created by Mother Nature. The start is over by the Scepan polje. The one day rafting, in the length of 18 kilometers will take 2 - 3 hours, in this parts there is the maximum height difference between the starting and the ending point of the rafting. Don't be sorry for taking the one-day rafting only! In this part there are 21 cascades from 50 on the Tara: Brstanovica, Pecine, and especially the dangerous Vjernovac... From the 1st of June till the 1st of October rafting is completely safe, because of the low water level and slower flow of the river, and people from 7 to 77 ages are welcome to enjoy.

That means that Tara can give, regarding attractions and adventure the most practically any river in the world can give.

Lunch just beside the river, where the culinary specialties from these parts may be eaten - cream, cheese, roasted lamb, and peasant bread made under an earthenware cup will make for a wonderful ending of your rafting tour.


Rafting river Tara

Rafting river Tara

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