Mountain and air spa Zlatibor, with the longest tourist tradition, is settled in Western Serbia, 230 km south-west from Belgrade. The average altitude is 1000 m. Miraculous Zlatibor climate is beneficial for the treatment of bronchial asthma and other allergic diseases, thyroid deceases, heart deceases and anemia. This kind of favorable climate is ideal for athletes preparation, stay of children and seniors and improvement of general health of people.
For ski lovers, ski center Tornik is located 7 km from center of Zlatibor. It has 3 slopes and a modern 6-seat cable car.
The highest peak are Tornik (1496 m) i Čigota (1422 m).

In close proximity and at Zlatibor itself, one can find numerous historic-cultural and ethnological monuments and attractions. We suggest that you visit these places and to challenge your imagination with natural and cultural beauty of this landscape.
We won't reveal everything...

On the way to Tara, there is one more attraction, ethno village "Drvengrad" (Woodtown) at the Mećavnik mountain. It was built by a famous movie director Emir Kusturica for the needs of making a movie "Život je čudo" (Life is a Miracle) . The city offers couple of restaurants, galleries, cinema, church, souvenir shop and a national handicraft shop.

One of the most beautiful railways in the world, operated until 1974 near Zlatibor at Mokra Gora. Today, train is once again in operation as a tourist attraction. Steam locomotive drives through rocky gorges and narrow passages and with its track it forms an unordinary path shaped as number 8, and therefore is named Šarganska osmica (Šargan's eight). The track is 13.5 km long, passes through 22 tunnels and over ten bridges and viaducts.

Open sky museum "Staro selo" (Old village) in Sirogojno is actually an authentic village from the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century and depicts the life of a country family. There you can find an exibition which features old national architecture saved in villages of Zlatibor. All objects and household are authentic and taken into museum exibition. In museum workshops you can find replicas of museum pieces and enjoy the art of pottery, carpentry and other craft. It is located only 30 km from Zlatibor and 30 km from Užice.

Very close to Zlatibor, another beauty among mountains can be found. Tara, which, with its natural beauties and nearness, gives the opportunity of day trips, rafting... Surrounded by mountain tops and rich forests, the main stream of river Drina is one of the most beautiful watercourses in Europe. Due to its emerald color, people say, it was called Zelenika (Green River). It is 346 km long and at her banks one can find eagles, rare pigeons, deer, rabbits, wolves, bears...

Apartments Acimovic are located in the hearth of Zlatibor downtown, only 20 meters from the lake. They were constructed last year [2001] and range from 60 to 80 square meters in area. Their exquisite location and comfort attract interest of Zlatibor tourists. Equiped with furniture of natural materials and bathroom with italian ceramics and shower cabins, they offer all necessary household appliances, as well as satelite TV and Hi-Fi units. They consist of two separate rooms, a kitchen, living room and terrace overlooking the lake and the mall.

Room size: 45-50 m2Capacity: 1-6 persons

The apartments are located in the center of Zlatibor in Villa "LAKE/JEZERO".
Apartament- 1 bedroom /Queen bed/, living room/ Sleeping sofa and sitting area/, hallway, bathroom and terrace overlooking the lake or forest. It features a 2 +2 beds.
Apartament- two bedrooms/ Queen bed/, living room/Sleeping sofa and sitting area/hallway, bathroom and terrace overlooking the square or forest. It has a 4 +4 beds.







1- 4 persons
one bedroom





1-6 persons
two bedrooms



44 €


* For stays longer than 10 days discount of 5%.
* For stays longer than 20 days, the 10%.
* Price does not includedlocal taxes.

Local tax for adults is 1 €, for aged 7 to 15 years is 0.60 €. Children to 7 years of age do not pay.


Apartaments Acimovic Vila Jezero Zlatibor Srbija Apartaments Acimovic Vila Jezero Zlatibor Srbija 1 Apartaments Acimovic Vila Jezero Zlatibor Srbija 10 Apartaments Acimovic Vila Jezero Zlatibor Srbija 2 Apartaments Acimovic Vila Jezero Zlatibor Srbija 3 Apartaments Acimovic Vila Jezero Zlatibor Srbija 4 Apartaments Acimovic Vila Jezero Zlatibor Srbija 5 Apartaments Acimovic Vila Jezero Zlatibor Srbija 6 Apartaments Acimovic Vila Jezero Zlatibor Srbija 8

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